Can I spray paint paper? – Lightning Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained

Incredible street performer uses fire technique spray ...

Sure, just try mixing the two together, a little goes a LONG way. A bit thicker than water, and more water will result in a more rigid, less prone to break-up, more sturdy paint coat.

What kind of paint do we use?

We’re not trying to say you can’t find this stuff anywhere. Sure, we don’t see that a ton of folks would want to run the risk with a high-intensity spray. They don’t see it anywhere close to the same intensity as a regular paintbrush or water. That being said, a lot of people who don’t know about our products see paint like this which isn’t just about “painting” and gets away with it.

Is there something called a “G1” paint?

There can be several names for this paint and they’re all perfectly valid. Usually “G1” means one of two things: 1. A paint that is high-strength and resistant to water. 2. A paint that has long durability without water.

Is it water-based?

No, it’s something called “non-water dependent”. Meaning they can be used for almost any application. Also, it needs to be a paint that will stand the water in a good way. No need to go to a paint store.

How much ink am I going to get out of this?

We will not tell you how much ink you’ll save. That’s not how it works. We would advise not even letting anyone else do that kind of info. If you do use it, please keep it in a sturdy envelope with good waterproofing and a place for you to store it in. When you spray it, it would be prudent to add extra sealant to the inside where you spray it. It will be water-based and it will not be as resistant to rain as a normal paint. The ink will stay put through the waterproofing for as long as you keep it in a non-water dependent envelope. The only way to know how much ink you get, is to use some kind of gauge, a ruler is a great option. We’ll tell you how much ink you get when we have it.

How much ink is it going to cost me?

It depends on the pen in question and your budget. Not everything makes it on the list at once. When we have a set of pens in stock, you should always know how much you’re going to receive

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