Can fabric be painted? – Spray Paint Art Easy Galaxy

Most of these techniques can be applied to almost any fabric. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. If it cannot be cut into strips, it will not allow the weave of your shirt to be varied.

2. If it cannot be made into strips, and the fabric itself cannot be painted, nothing else matters.

3. If painting is made difficult, the fabric will look poor and the work will be poor.

4. If one of the parts of a design cannot be moved from the front of the shirt in the same piece, and the whole shirt has to be painted and woven in various ways without moving anything at all, then there is nothing to be gained by attempting a technique other than the technique for which it was designed.

This is not an exhaustive list of all possible ways to change the color of a fabric. There are countless possible ways. If you are thinking of trying any particular technique, ask yourself these questions:

Will my shirt look better by changing the color?

Will it allow you to put on different styles or colors than you normally wear?

Will it allow you to wear a different sort of dress?

4. Do not wear a shirt for every occasion. For every occasion there are special colors, styles, cut, and/or cuts of fabric that will be better suited. The same kind of color will probably be most suited to a particular occasion, but perhaps there are some special colors that will suit several occasions and some special styles that would work best in all occasions.

5. When you change a shirt, do not alter the color that was used before. In fact, you should wear the shirt with the same color that you originally wore.

6. Always wear shirts as they were designed at the time they were made. Never make a shirt or a dress that is better suited to several different times and uses different fabric in each occasion.

7. Be sure that your suit jacket is not the same shirt style you wore before. The one that you make will likely come out of the sleeves as it was designed. This is not always easy to notice. You may want to wear the first shirt you make to change it, but it should not be too tight or too loose.

Remember, to a great number of fashion-conscious people the color of a shirt is of little concern. They are only concerned about whether or not the style and pattern of the shirt matches the outfit

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