Why is ballet in French? – Social Dance Rules

Why is it such a hot-button subject in American culture? It’s because of all the money being spent on the dance, but also because it’s a powerful language. In the 1980s, for example, when we watched a ballet in New York, we heard it in a language we knew in our bones. The French dancer was able to convey the meaning of her work as he created it. We also need to remember that the modern dancer’s ability as an artist doesn’t mean everything about her ability to communicate effectively with the public. As she studies, her language is the same as she learns. She has a language to listen to and a language to speak. At some point in her development she’ll need to become familiar with that language so she can communicate more effectively. The French artist who creates a movement is a language unto herself, and each time she learns of a new dance movement, she becomes more and more confident that she can communicate her own work to others. The same goes for choreographers: There are so many movements in a dancer’s arsenal that she needs to learn in order to show them off well. If you watch a ballet and do not have a “language” in your head yet, you won’t get a feel for how to be successful. But if you do have your own language, you can be quite successful and it will show. A great example of this was when I studied in Paris, where I was encouraged a lot to talk about my dances by dancers, especially the new ones, who would be on other floors. It was amazing to see them get that excited! The thing is, because of this new language (called “French”), dance students can find more and more material to practice and learn from, and they can be taught many different dances in a class. In my second and third year of school, I met many dancers who were all new to ballet, who were really passionate and had a lot of respect for what I was doing. Not long after I went to school, I met another new dancer and we started working together very quickly. She was very open to me teaching her new moves since she was so confident of her understanding of the language and had already practiced in other movements. She was also very open to working with anyone who wanted to learn or teach her—and she taught me many dances I didn’t know, and I became very close to that girl as well. So while a ballet dancer’s language may be different from a choreographer’s—even a very similar one—the

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