Who is the best hip hop dancer in the world?

T.O.P has been performing hip hop dance around the world with his band, T.O.P and his dancing moves have gone past the famous dancers. He can be seen performing in Japan’s Tokyo Dome and Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. So to answer your question, there are many different types of hip hop dancers.

Do any of you know the best hip hop dancer around the World?

T.O.P: My favorite is the one in Dubai. He has got so many moves and so many tricks. There is no other rapper who can do as much crazy moves as this one.

The best rapper in the World?

T.O.P: I think the best rapper on the planet is Eminem. There is no other rapper that does everything he does perfectly. He does it all – beats, rhymes, rhymes, raps, music, style…

Are there any hip hop choreographers in the world?

T.O.P: Yes! I have to say that there are very few artists who can do so much with such small instruments and make them sound so great. You never see him doing something new, but he always does it perfect.

Do you enjoy performing for hip hop audiences?

T.O.P: People around the world really appreciate that I am a rapper, who can speak so much. I don’t mind it. It’s important to speak, but I don’t mind if the people who love my music think I’m a rapper.

The best rapper in the world?

T.O.P: For me. You can never find the best rapper. You just never found the artist that can do it all and live every day like I do.

The best singer in the world

T.O.P: The best singer in the world is Madonna. Yes. Of course She is the best. She has made it possible for us to sing what we want to sing. Even though she was once famous before, she has grown so much and is one of the hottest celebrities in the world.

Do you think there are any other people with a better hip hop voice than Madonna?

T.O.P: Her voice is the best!

Are there any rappers in the world?

T.O.P: Yes there are so many rappers around the world, and we have never met anyone who could rap better than me