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Jazz-Kicks has been a proud member of the community since 1994, hosting competitions at the South Carolina State University as well as a national competition at DanceSafe in Washington. It has been the home of a number of world-class dancers, including Grammy-nominated artist Shura.

How is the South Carolina Community Doing?

The South Carolina Community Foundation (SCCF) is the nonprofit arm of the University System of Charleston. The Foundation is responsible for making grants through the South Carolina Community Foundation to local South Carolina non-profit organizations. This has led to the founding of nine nonprofit groups that are now helping to serve as economic engines that will create even more economic opportunities for South Carolina, and in turn, create even more opportunities for people like us. We encourage the South Carolina community to help support this work in the future.

How is the Community Doing?

More money has been raised over three years by the South Carolina Community Foundation for community building programs than the community has received in direct grants.

“We hope that there are community organizations now doing their part to help rebuild our lives and the lives of those we love,” said Jazz-Kicks executive director, Jennifer W. Miller. “We are a grassroots movement with no corporate backers. We simply follow our passions and we make this happen with our own hands.”

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“I want to share a video on my Facebook page,” notes Jazz-Kicks co-founder, Jai Pauline, with her co-initiator, “Kiki” from N.C.

“I had my son’s first ballet class,” recalls Jazz-Kicks Director, Jai Pauline. “I brought him to this dance studio and he told me that even the most talented dancers couldn’t get that beautiful and smooth choreography.”

The community has embraced Jazz-Kicks as a resource for information, and a way for students and teachers. They can have their dance lessons taught by the best, and receive their certificate and diploma at the end of the year. They can even attend one of the studio shows, where instructors from all over the country and all levels of the profession show up to talk and teach.

At the end of the day it is a community project – one that is very visible even on social media.

What is New?

Jazz-Kicks will be presenting at the International Dance Expo in San Antonio, Texas, from February 8th until the

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