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For dance, my advice is to play it as close to the tip as possible, but don’t forget to play the rest of the pattern. The dance starts with the first two steps of a 3 step series, then moves to the next step as you go up with the rhythm. If you hit the bar right before you need to move to the next step, you’ll miss the bar and miss your progression and you’ll make a mistake as well. Also, the second step is the most dangerous because that’s where you’ll be hit. If you hit the second step with full speed, you’ll be thrown. If you have someone in the group that can help you, I can’t be there, but you get the message (a phrase I make up) that if you do hit the second step, it’s the most dangerous one, but that’s what happens when you do. So be careful if it’s the second step.

In the beginning of your progression, you should always be moving slowly, but as your dance gets better, more and more speed will come. The final dance might be a step or two off, which is great to be able to do when you’re getting good at dancing, but it’s also great because it can be a little bit scary because when you slow down during your dance, that creates the fear of falling onto one of your toes because you miss the bar. As soon as you begin the last step, you get to try it on your toes and it’s just okay. If you can hit on your foot at the correct time, you don’t need to worry about being pushed out or being thrown off.

The final step in any of these sequences is usually done with speed. The first two bars can be fast and the last two bars are slow (even though they’re technically done slow). That could also be a way to try to slow down the progression and feel more comfortable doing it. In our class, the last two bars are slow as well and I’ve seen dancers make the mistake of doing the final step in a full sprint. This is not the correct way to do it and just makes you look slow and clumsy in what could be a very fun move.

In our classes, we use some other techniques with the last two steps. The key is to work on the speed, but also on the timing of the last two steps, the timing of when the first two steps are made, and to work on the rhythm as well. It’s like

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