What is modern dance style? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Silhouette

As described by Dr. Richard Iida, a professor at the Institute for Dance, Sound and Music Technology at the University. “The modern dance style is an artistic movement that arose from the social movement “modernism” in the mid 1950s, which is sometimes called the Modern Movement. It is an artistic movement that seeks to define the expression of the human person in the contemporary world with a sense of music and form.”

Dance style can be defined as the “movement or way that a performer or audience expresses emotions about something”

Dance style can be defined as the “movement or way that a performer or audience expresses emotions about something. The style is not a set of rules and procedures but a way that a performer or audience expresses feelings about something. A dancer can choose and adapt his style to fit his audience.”

So modern dance style is defined as the music that a dancer creates or works with and the style that he creates is simply what he can express about his subject matter?

As we learn more about the history and use of dance styles and how they can be used by a particular audience in different combinations and by different audiences of different size ranges, there is now a better understanding of the role of rhythm, rhythm and timing in dance. For that reason, we tend to think of dance not as a formal system but as an art that can be used in many ways and has many forms and forms of expression. So for now let us just be thankful that modern dance and music seem to have many many many expressions.

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