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It’s the ability to create, express or create to express, and to be creative and express. It’s not an act, it’s not dance, it’s not what we all do every day, but it’s in there. And I believe that, and a lot of us at our dance school also believe that. And it helps bring people together, and I really mean that, when this happens in New York, as hard as it was, it meant we can go to the other side of a wall and say: you know what? We’re all part of one team. We can all create to express and to create.”

It’s time to take back our country from the Democrats. On December 1, we will vote in the election of the next President of the United States. This is a serious responsibility that comes with responsibilities—for example, protecting our Constitutional rights.

To help us choose what is right, my organization, FreedomWorks, is organizing “Free and Fair” Election Day rallies. Free and Fair Elections are meant to protect our constitutional liberties and ensure that our decisions actually affect us, not only from a Republican administration, but a Democrat administration. Here is our message:

FreedomWorks plans to mobilize over 2,000 volunteers and activists across the country to be a part of Free and Fair Election Day rallies. You can join us on our website or at a rally near you. I will be tweeting updates of our effort using #FreeAndFair for both tweets and pictures, so please send us your photos using #freeandfair on Twitter and Instagram. I will be updating my Facebook page and website with information about what we are up to and where to find us. I ask that you use both #FREEMORPH (for FreedomWorks) and #freeandfair (for Free and Fair Elections) as your hashtags.

This is not the first time we have rallied to defend our freedom, but it will be the biggest one so far. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you will join us in this important movement.


Steve Deace (Former Chairman, Sen. Jim DeMint)

I am deeply concerned by the rise of a presidential candidate who has promoted his support for “law and order,” who calls for a return to the “good old days,” who claims to oppose “crony capitalism,” who says that his policies will protect the interests of the wealthy

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