What do hip hop dancers wear? – Types Of Social Dances Popular In 1999

Well I’m not going say you don’t, but they need to buy their style. They need a style where they’re comfortable and they’re cool, like hip hop. But you can also get a really cool look if you know how to make it look good, and it looks cool for your body.

You make a living off of being a woman, what makes your body appealing to men?

Like I say, I’m not going to say you don’t because there is more to it than that. But you need to look at what your body looks and what your face looks. If you look at yourself to identify what you look like, you can identify with what you’re wearing, and I’m going to put it this way: If you look like a girl who got out of a bathtub with bleach on her face, there are other women who look like that to put on a bikini. Then if you like to wear your hair long and you have a nice figure, that should be something that you wear.

Do men prefer tall women?

I don’t know. I don’t work for men. If a guy would like me to make a comment, I’ll say what women look like. The other thing they don’t wanna hear is, “Don’t wear a skirt,” and if you go into a store and you want to buy a skirt, you know you’re gonna be wearing a skirt.

Why do you think you’re a bigger success today than your first record, “The Truth About Love?”

Like I said, “The Truth About Love” isn’t a great record, and we had a lot of people saying, “Yeah, this is a great record.” You have some good people around you so that makes it better, and that means a lot to me. Not saying that everybody who’s with us has done one thing good or bad. If you go into that store, someone who’s a fan of the band is probably coming in to buy this and someone from another side says, “Is that good?”, and your record is like, “Yes.”

Did you go overseas with this album?

Yeah, and I want to do more. You get more exposure if you travel. So I’ve talked to some guys who do that. We’ve been to Turkey, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, New York and London because of this

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