What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – What Is Social Dances Ppt

As we are now going to see, the choreographers are more often than not the key players with some of their ideas coming from art critics or other cultural scholars. To take one example, this movie features a lot of jazz and is full of good dance numbers and a lot of references to the dance. And the music is just jazz!

But here is another example: this movie features a lot of hiphop music, that is, samples of jazz from all over the globe, that are incorporated into the dance. And again, the music by many composers have been instrumental in the development of each of these elements of dance. It has even been said that jazz and rap form a symbiotic relationship. One way or another both types tend to have their own rhythm, rhythm that is often used and then reused again.
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Are there other things that have played a role in creating new choreography?

Yes. For example, if you think about it, it is not unusual for the same song cycle to be used by different dancers. Often, this will take the form of different instruments and different vocal techniques being used by the dancers. And you see many examples of this in the films with different types of styles dancing on these same types of dancers — for example, the classical dancing style, the European style, and the American style. And you see them as such elements in the dance that it is difficult for the audience to take it as being done without these elements.

So this is another example of how music can be the focal point of many aspects of the dance.

Yes. Also we are going to cover a lot in relation to the use of dance in films, and we are going to look specifically at two types of cinema in that regard (the first of which is not to be confused with my recent blog essay on film and dance), and they are also two areas where I would like to share one more thing related to this.

The first is called cinematography. This is the art of making images in real time, and it has often been called a form of cinematography. And this might be a bit extreme! But in a sense there is quite a bit to it.

Why is that the case?

Well, in cinema, you might want to capture something that would be hard to capture with just a single camera, and then you need something along the way that can pick things up to show that information… and perhaps a little bit of extra to make the

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