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In a word, traditional.

The traditional waltz is characterized by the waltz player standing on the spot with his right foot and the other leg pointing to the music stand (the music stand is generally referred to as a “stand”) and then the right foot tapping rhythmically as he moves up and down on the spot as he follows along. The left foot is used to follow a slower rhythm.

In the modern waltz, the performer stands about three or four feet back from the music stand with his feet pointed toward the music stand at his right hip and his legs crossed. The left foot is used to follow a faster rhythm. (See examples of traditional and modern waltzes at

How do I get a traditional waltze dance?

First you must learn and memorize the timing that every dance-floor performer must hit every time they start off. Then you must practice and master that timing from the start. And, finally, when your dance is going well, you will be able to use the timing you memorized to perform the traditional waltz as well.

MADISON, Wis. — Madison Police Chief Chris Magnus says a man who shot his 2-year-old pit bull has been charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty.

Officer Patrick Sandoval spotted the dog on the side of Ashford Lane this morning and took the owner of the dog to the police station for an interview. Magnus says that’s where he learned the boy was shot.

Magnus says it seems to be the first time the department has seen an attack-related case at this particular location.
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By Brian Padden and Dan Merica, CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) – House Republicans voted Friday to pass a bill to protect Social Security and Medicare benefits from cuts as part of the budget debate.

The budget resolution passed 217-214, with three Republicans joining Democrats and 16 Democrats opposing. In a rare show of unity, Republicans did not include a public option that Democrats would have wanted.

The budget resolution does include a Democratic request to protect the retirement and medical benefits of people receiving disability payments. But it does not include a public option.

For Democrats, the vote sends a clear signal that Republicans do not want a public option in the health care debate. And for Republicans, the vote means they have lost the fight over Medicare.

Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana, the top Democrat

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