What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – Valley Social Dance Studio Ton Wi

The most fundamental aspects of dance etiquette are respect, etiquette, and community (see the “community” section).

Respect For Your Partner

Some important etiquette rules

1) If you are a solo dancer and ask anyone for a handout, your partner has to give it to you with a “thank you.”

2) If a team dancer gives the other team choreographer their handout, the choreographer has to let them have it, even if the solo dancer still doesn’t get it all.

3) If your team is giving a dancer for every dance or performance, they will need a new choreographer.

4) If your dance partner is trying to use their handout in your absence, you have to tell them not to.

5) If your partner is giving you a handout, they have to tell you it is free.

2. Etiquette and Community

Some important etiquette rules

1) If you do not see your dance partner dance with someone else, you must go out and find them.

2) If you don’t get something, you have to tell the other dancer. You don’t have to say, “That’s too much,” you just have to go outside and ask for the item you want, or you have to stop what you’re doing.

3) If you feel that your partner is being disrespectful or trying to cheat, you have to ask them if they are sorry!

4) If your dancer is cheating, you have to stop what they are doing and tell them to show their hands.

3. Community

Some important etiquette rules

1) After your partner has given you a choreography, take it, and then go find that person on the dance floor.

2) If you feel that your dance partner (for example, by the way dancing with two people you only dance with and not with one) is acting rude or not friendly (like, say, in a competition) you have to have a word with that person.

3) You have to leave the dance floor until everyone stops talking and turns around. If you’re done with a dance, you can ask the other dancers if you can stay for a break.

4) If you and your partner dance together for too long at the end of your dance without moving, you have to say something like, “We didn’t have to have this hard dance.”

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