What are social dances and dance mixers? – Glen Echo Park Social Dances

A social dance is an event that provides an opportunity for all people to gather under one roof in celebration of a group and community spirit. Examples are a wedding reception or a community dance at the parks.

A dance mixer is an event held at a central location or venue in which different dance groups are invited to form a dance together and put on a dance performance in which they sing, dance, wave, play, and dance some sort of way. Often the dancing usually consists of an array of moves and styles; some of these are more likely to be seen in a dance mixer as being “modern”, whereas others may be more traditional.

Dancers who are members of the same group, who choose to dance together, and who are all dancing as a group will be considered to be a social mixer even if they are doing different dance styles.

How long does it take to organize a social dance?

The group who is hosting the social dance can start planning and arranging the event in advance, usually several weeks out or months. The dance group will be responsible for securing the venue and the food/drink, and will work with all of the other participants and the audience on an informal schedule.

The choreographers will usually call upon a dance team, a few dancers and a few sound equipment. Most people interested in dancing at a social party will be more than happy to dance at the mixer’s call, but the majority of these dancers will only come if they are given a chance. Some will make it if the dancing is good but others may be uninterested in dancing and may stay home after the event.

Do the organizers have to be in the Bay Area?

The organizers of a social have control over the event as well as the area surrounding this special event. Many dance groups come from Northern California, so a social party in Santa Cruz is no different than a social party in San Francisco or Hollywood.

Do organizers have to use licensed bands?

Yes, but all of the dance groups in the mix have to obtain a license. To purchase a license, an organization must go through an application process similar to that of a music publisher. This process is only open to dance groups that are non-profit and that have the permission of the organizer(s) to perform at their event.

All groups must be accompanied by a band. All dance bands must be licensed professionals who have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the performance art world. Please note

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