What are all the different types of dance? – Origin And History Of Social Dance In Philippines Songs

There are many different types of dance, but there are basically four major types: Swing Dance, Rock, Funk, and R&B Dance.

Rock Dance

Like other forms of dance there is a huge range of styles that are done on stage. Rock dances start with a very basic swing style and then progress depending on a person’s personality, interests, or age.

Most styles of Rock Dance look very similar but have some variation between them.

For example, the biggest difference is in the type of rhythm that’s used over the course of the song. Some of the more modern songs have a more bluesy style which also differs between styles.

There are many different styles of Rock dance. Just to give you a general idea, some of them include:

Jazz, Blues or Country

Country Rock



Pop Rock from Artists like Madonna, Queen, Whitney Houston, and others


Funk Rock is also a huge variety of styles that starts with a blues type rhythm but progresses down the scale from there.

If you’re looking for the best Rock dance, I strongly recommend doing some research and playing around with different styles of dance that are both entertaining and danceable.

Swing/Swing Dance

Swing dance generally looks like a combination of Rock dancing.

The most classic Swing dance styles are:

Old Time, Jazz, R&B

Country Swing


The most popular examples of this style are:

Viet Minh’s Dance of Choice

Trini and The Beaches Boys

Hip Hop Dance

Many of us have a preference for dancing in the street. If that’s what you’re after, then swing dance is probably not the style for you.

R&B Dance

R&B is the name that you should use to describe this type of dance. It’s a combination of Jazz dancing, Dance, Rock, Funk, and even Dancehall.

The most popular dance here is: R&B.

Other than Country, most of all I think you need to have a strong sense of rhythm and have a strong sense of melody.

In this dance, the music is not always being played. You’ll be able to listen and dance through the song but the music is almost always being played before the song starts. It’s more of a

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