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We believe that dance is the most effective form of communicating with society, and as a result it has grown tremendously as an art form over the years, and is used today to create positive change or create awareness.

A dance’s impact is largely influenced by the context in which it is used. The fact that it is so effective in the first place does not make it any less powerful in our daily lives.

A dance is meant to entertain, and not cause pain when used correctly, that is, for a choreographed performance, and for an intimate dance with a partner.

What is the problem?

To understand the problem we must understand why dancers use or do not use dance. We should start from an understanding that dance has a lot of different forms, some of which have a specific purpose and some of which have a general purpose. The dance world has a very rich, varied history, and this is why it’s hard to explain it in one simple paragraph.

Dance was once a common form of entertainment, and was the means by which people experienced life. It’s important to remember that these dancers, and those in the culture that promoted and supported them, did so in part by creating a certain type of dancing that suited the times. Many of them had a very positive impact on the society in which they lived.

The modern dance world is different and its meaning is different, and in order to understand this, please watch this documentary, “Dance is Dead” from BBC Future:

Why does dancing always involve pain?

When it comes to dancing, there is no reason to begrudge that people who want to dance are often subjected and exploited in this way. There’s something more important. We dance for a purpose. The purpose of dancing is to entertain and that purpose is often exploitative, which is why we dance.

You can’t enjoy a dance without being exposed to pain; it all depends on if we’re a part dancer, an outsider/expert, or the dancing part.

Even when you don’t dance, there will always be pain in doing something, so when you take on a project that involves dancing, then it’s important to remember the consequences, the discomfort, the injury, the pain, and so on. That’s what we call dancing.

When we are taught to dance for a reason, by a person who is experienced at a particular type of dancers, then it is important to know who we

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