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Keh is a small village in northern Pakistan where the police have made numerous raids since the alleged murder of an infant, named Mohibur Rahman by his father Shahnawaz.

The village is not only near a police station, it also lies on a major highway. Moreover, the father of Shahnawaz is a prominent member of a militant group; the Pakistan Taliban has openly declared their support for the murder of his son.

What could have been the motive for the killing? What can be said about the child’s mental state? Are they even capable of forming sound judgment of others?

The answer to these questions has been difficult. The father claims he killed Shahnawaz for ‘concerning’ and ‘immoral’ remarks that the baby had uttered during a dinner party. Even this story was contradicted by a later confession made by Shahnawaz himself later in the same year.

A few details of Shahnawaz’s confession were published in 2009 in an article in Pakistani newspaper Aljazeera. It is claimed the young child, who is alleged to have been at the mercy of his father, was caught in a conversation by a female interrogator. In turn, the daughter is accused of bringing the discussion to the father, who responded by saying, “Do you think that he will do it (murder)?”

The daughter was then allegedly hit with a plastic bag, as she could not be persuaded to confess to anything.

Shahnawaz had also been arrested and held since March 2006. He was then released and later handed over to police custody. He now faces charges of ‘conspiring to murder and murder over a child’ and was scheduled to be sent to jail again. However, in July 2012, police charged him with trying to murder the toddler again. He was also given a 10-year jail term and three years of probation.

The reason cited by the defence for his release from jail was that the girl, who was then under age, was not in a state to receive an education.

What are the motives?

This is where the question of ‘immorality’ enters into the picture.

While on a visit to his relatives in a city of his choice, Shahnawaz allegedly committed several infractions of traffic rules at an area called Zafran Khatkhel; it is the site of a popular playground. He also ran into a group called ‘Siyabullah’ who

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