What is video and audio editing software?

Videography, or still photography, is the term that describes the production or recording of images or videos, so-called for the fact that a frame, or segment, of that video or images is often shown from the same position (or even the same angle) as the original image. A wide variety of video and audio editing software is now available, with a broad range of features for all tastes, but all the necessary options are available for Linux.

Who can use or download Linux?

Linux is not only suitable for the professional photographer, but anyone, from the casual computer user to the computer professional, who wants the benefits of modern, efficient technology, for free. Since Linux is free and open-source software, all Linux users are welcome to try it and find it compatible with their system, especially if they would like to share the experience with others.

The world of photography

Where to find Linux?

Most photography schools will find a place for an introductory course in photography, although there are many more opportunities to join groups of student photographers (like those in the world-famous Fuji Photo Club, of course) with whom they can exchange ideas.
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Most other colleges will offer introductory courses on photography, or even more advanced subjects, such as cinematography. There are also many online photography schools around the world, and we have listed links to some of them there.

In the case of photography schools within countries such as Greece, Cyprus and Croatia, a lot of photographers, from aspiring amateur photographers to professional photographers, who want to learn to use Linux, have registered for the FotoSchools (see our article on the FotoSchools website) service.

We suggest that you look for any information in your school catalogue which provides a basic introduction to Linux, then go online to the FotoSchools site, register yourself, set up an account and start learning with your new friend!

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