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I’m not sure I should be telling you this. If you don’t know what these things are – you should really study at least one class.

Video editing software (VAs, Editors etc) – is a tool that allows for editing of videos that are being sold online. Most videos are created by a company or an artist with their name displayed on the video (like this one was) and then uploaded to a website.

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These are basically clips from another video with edited in special software by one of the people involved in making them.

Basically, it’s a video editing program that removes the audio and gives you the video in its raw state.

It’s also used to create custom music for the video.

I’ve done a LOT of video editing over my years in video editing. This is my very first video.

If you want an introduction to video editing…I’m glad you’re here.

Here’s what you will need…

Software to edit the video, like Adobe Premiere or a basic video editing program like Avid Media Composer (or similar software)

An internet connection

A CDR or blank CD from the company you want to buy the audio from.

First step…find a CDR, blank CD and a company you want to buy the video from.

This is where the video editing software comes in.

I have an old Dell CDR that looks like this…

It’s a blank CDR that contains a number of audio and video tracks recorded during the last 4 years. It comes out to around 20 tracks.

A quick search on Ebay turned up this one…

Its from 2012 and costs around $60. This was bought by a company named Soundprint Music. It has 16 tracks.

I got the CDR and used it for this video.

Next…I downloaded Adobe Premiere.

This is a plug-in that allows you to edit an animation (such as a movie) or video. It will come in handy for many of the things this tutorial will be about.

There are a variety of software options, but I’ll be using Adobe Premiere Pro for this tutorial. After you have Adobe Premiere installed, go to settings, then audio/video. You should be able to open up a video and select a track from your audio or video.

You can also go into the options menu for your software and choose how

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