What do graphic designers do?

Designers write, draw, edit, and design for web based and mobile technologies. Graphic design helps you create the next great image, link, video, infographic, or any other form of visual communications. As visual content creators we use a variety of visual, interactive, and traditional media to convey our ideas and communicate our message.

Who is responsible for design standards?

All designers are responsible for maintaining the standards of design and technical content standards throughout the company and ensuring a safe, professional, and collaborative environment. It is imperative for us as a creative group to stay true to the principles which are vital to ensure a safe design process.

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How do I become a Graphic designer in Vancouver?

There are many opportunities available but the greatest thing you can do is find this role on your radar as everyone wants to work with you. In addition you need to apply by applying through the job boards or job boards of your favorite local organizations. We are very open to candidates from all backgrounds, but most of our openings require proof of experience and qualifications.

Are there any requirements for the Graphic Designer in Vancouver?

For those of you who work in a web based environment we require a strong knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and a decent understanding of Photoshop, HTML, and web design concepts and tools such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, and basic CSS. Additionally you need to have a strong web presence and a sense of humour! You should be willing to work with clients to get a sense of what a web design team looks like and to contribute to the content. In addition, you need to have a solid grasp of client relations and communication skills.

Should I work with an experienced Graphic Designer in Vancouver to make my portfolio more impressive?

No! We have to look around at the other designers before making appointments with you, or it might seem like a bad fit for you. However, you can always do well as a freelancer and help with projects that you think will be worth working on. If you are still in the process of creating a graphic portfolio feel free to give it a try and see how you do.

What are the main responsibilities of a Graphic Designer in Vancouver?

As a Graphic Designer in Vancouver there are 2 main responsibilities:

Create new assets for the website with a graphic designer as designer in place. Check your website and ensure it is ready. This consists of all parts a website can possibly get. For example make sure the background, headers, and body text