What are the duties of a photographer? – Take Photos Make Money

Photographer must keep up with the trends

Keep a steady hand

Understand the importance of the scene
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Be patient

Be present in the moment

Be aware of people

Take as much time as possible to get your picture

Plan a scene without lighting

Photographer must have a strong creative eye.

In your photo, what do you see?

The first thing you must understand is how your camera sees the scene. First off it is important to get your camera set up correctly. So, the first thing you must do, if you are not already using a range finder, is to set it up in a spot where you can use a range finder. So for example, if you are using a D3400, you set it up with a range finder like the Nikon D800, or Canon 5D Mark III. This will ensure that your photo will be captured at a focal plane where your camera focuses, and you will be able to get a great image of what you have just shot. Before you head into a location where you expect to be shooting, remember that in addition to the main subject you have set. Also be sure you have a good idea of the light and conditions of the scene and where to put your back up lens. Make sure you have both these things covered before you set yourself up. Finally, make sure to have a camera and lens set up in a good light, and use a good manual focus to avoid blowing out your image.

Let’s say you want to take a close-up of your dog. How do you decide what to put your back-up lens away in the foreground of the shot? First, you need to read the manual, then look at the other pictures you have taken and make sure to get a good picture of the face of the dog, and then the background. Then you should be thinking a lot about your background, and what you want to capture out of your background. After you have a good idea of what you want to capture out of your background, check out your front-up lens.

Look at the picture, look away and then look behind the dog. Now compare how the foreground and background look. What are the biggest differences? That is it, that is the focal plane. Let’s take a look at the focal plane as we look at the picture above. From the far left, we can make out the blue sky, we can also see it is still bright.

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