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Let your friends know about a photo or story you might have found interesting and would like to share with the world — or perhaps to give some credence to your own opinion? To do that, you might want to opt in to a program called Facebook Graph Search. You can turn on this feature so that when you search your name, your friends’ names, or the photos you added to your friends’ feeds, they might show up in the search results, and vice versa. We tried this program briefly, and the results are, well, pretty impressive.

If your account is Facebook Friend or More Friends, your feed might show you the photos you tagged, you might get some kind of notification when there’s someone you tagged on a photo, and you might even be able to add friends who may be friends with you but aren’t necessarily your closest friends, if they haven’t already been.

In fact, if you have the time to devote to your social network, you might find the options here rather impressive.

What’s Next?

We’ve got more features we want to show you:

We want to get more personal. You know what that means — your feed could be more personal, as we add people we know to our feeds, and perhaps show them your friends and updates you’ve sent. We want Facebook to be your personal social network.

How do you know I’m on the right page? We’ll continue to monitor the social networks we use daily, and we’ll make sure you don’t over-share. As a customer, it’s important that you follow social media and be careful what you share.

The news feed. We’re already working on some new experiences inside The News Feed. For now, the experience we’re previewing in News Feed is simple — when you’re logged into your Facebook account, you’ll see a new box on your feed where you can see your posts and what kinds of things happen within the news feed of friends and fans that you’ve tagged.

We’ll continue to monitor the social networks we use daily, and we’ll make sure you don’t over-share

What are you waiting for? Download your friends list to The News Feed and try the new update free for a few days and let us know how it helps you, or send us your experiences. We’ll have more on it soon.

Update: We’re in the process of making it available to a broad range of people through The News Feed. We

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