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The typical layout artist (I think) earns somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000 a year. Most of this money comes from commissioning other artists to do layouts for magazines. The layouts are then produced by the layout artists and given to the publishing house to be printed, thus making each copy of the magazine worth a little above its face value.

The layout artist generally takes into consideration a “design base”. This is the base of the layout, from which the layout will be built in. Layout artists take several months to do a layout. This time takes into consideration any additional design work which may become necessary or the time it will take to commission additional layout staff (in our case about 3 months of layout artists working on the layout every 4 months) as well as the cost of the layouts printed and delivered to the publication.

If all the pages are delivered to the magazine, then this costs around $1 each. When a layout is completed, this costs less – about $25 per page. The magazines are then sold to individual stores, who would take the magazines apart, glue them together and sell as the original magazine with the different layouts as inserts, as well as sell to other businesses, which will print the magazine on their own.

In the end, a magazine’s total sales are usually somewhere in the $8,000 – $10,000 range.
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The typical salary range for a layout artist is somewhere between $40,000 – $80,000 for two years, according to the American Job Desktops and Interop magazine “Layout Art Techniques”.

What do your clients actually look for?

This depends on the client – some clients like the look of the layout, some like the structure – so a layout should contain a mix of both. Some layouts are suitable for the magazine they’re for – for example, those that look good with a sports team logo or logo of a major supermarket.

The layout should also be functional, and should offer readers the necessary information for their own tasking. If there’s too much layout, it means they’re not going to read the book – and they’re going to lose the money invested. In fact, some publishers and retailers are trying to increase the weight of their own websites – if this makes the layout too heavy it might get in the way of reading the book, and if it has too little there’s no point in writing about it.

So do you have an assistant for the

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