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One of President Obama’s top political surrogates, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Monday evening that he doesn’t think Republican leaders want a deal with President Obama on taxes because he’s trying to win another term in office.

McCain, who is now running for reelection against Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said he doesn’t think GOP leaders want tax increases.

“We’ve never had a Republican Congress that hasn’t wanted to raise taxes and the current president is in a very weak position with the voters in his re-election bid, especially voters who have the disposable income to support a Democrat,” McCain said.

At his news conference after a fundraiser in Tucson, McCain said GOP leaders are now playing into Obama’s hands:

“I think the only person who wants to raise taxes on Americans who are trying to raise their incomes … is a person who was elected president and who’s a liar, who’s done absolutely everything she can possibly do to deceive his voters and to mislead them throughout this campaign about how he wants to solve the problem he created,” he said. “He’s trying to raise taxes on the middle class, because he doesn’t want to lose support from a Democratic constituency. … I don’t see how you could win an election if you’re going to do everything you’re going to do to get people to oppose you. It’s not going to work.”

McCain was in Tucson for a private fundraiser for McCain for US Senate campaign chairman Mark Brewer and said his political team told him that the focus “has to be on getting Democrats elected.” McCain’s spokeswoman, Katie Bardaro, also said that Republicans have not reached out to McCain.

Earlier, McCain was asked by Arizona Public Radio whether he felt Obama’s refusal to consider a deal was “a deal-breaker” for the Republican Party. McCain did not immediately respond. The senator previously said that he