How do you tell if a photo will print well?

Photo: BHphotography/Tumblr

What are the best practices for using Instagram and Facebook while promoting your clothing line?

I always leave a comment on most of my photos. I also like to ask people about their personal style as well. It’s super nice to meet people!

Are the people you shoot going to like your products, or are these the ones who end up supporting your brands after purchasing your new item?

Everyone is completely supportive of what I do. It’s all about the people that wear the clothes. I want that brand to go viral but I also like to support the clothes. I’m glad my Instagram is here to take a piece of attention to the beauty and health of women by telling their stories.

Photo: BHphotography/Tumblr

You recently signed a licensing deal with Unilever, so what’s next for you?

I’m going to get even more creative this season with marketing and I hope to be one of the few people working at beauty brands that can tell every single story with a look. It’s cool to see people’s reaction to my beauty brands at Unilever stores, in malls, and restaurants, and I’m super thankful for that! I’m definitely going to learn that it’s OK to use body shaming in a way that promotes the beauty of your customers.

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A Canadian judge has ordered Toronto police to hand over DNA samples from two Toronto subway passengers who were found guilty of repeatedly punching a passenger in the chest and jaw last year, despite an earlier judge’s ruling to prevent the city from conducting DNA tests that could result in convictions.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Michael Tulloch on Friday agreed with a police request for the identities of the two men at an appeal hearing this week. He said his ruling could mean that convicted thugs with no criminal records would no longer face criminal charges.

“It’s outrageous that someone who, according to an earlier judgment, can’t be a candidate for the benefit of any DNA evidence is being pursued to find out if he’s a suspect in a case that does have DNA evidence,” Justice Tulloch said