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[b]Photo by: Ryan G. (Ryan) Grosky[/b]

I’ll begin with this because I really enjoy the technique of “framing”.

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In every shot you will want to use a neutral backdrop. This backdrop is something that has to be in perfect alignment with the subjects in front of you. The best images use some type of soft background. A great example of this are the sunsets I had in New Orleans. I would use a matte sun and a couple of photos from the skyline. In addition to this, your scene could be something like a bar scene on a rainy night.

If your environment seems too busy, add a few elements from the scene. Maybe a couple of random people, a random shop, a few random vehicles and an interesting foreground. This will make the scene easier to compose and will give your landscape an interesting and diverse feel.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of lighting, so I have no problem throwing some of our favorites out there.

The second thing I’ve done is make a grid. As I said earlier, a grid makes composition so much easier. It also makes the overall look of your images more interesting and more interesting.

By using a grid, you’re telling your viewers you’re giving them more room to move around. I think the best pictures are easy to compose if you start with a grid

I think the grid will help you make sure you’ve got two sides of your landscape to compose your composition with. For example, if I wanted to shoot the side view of my apartment, I could start with this frame and make sure the side view would be the focus.

Another technique to use is taking portraits while you’re still taking frames. This keeps your subjects the same and gives you two different perspectives for your compositions. I also really enjoy using portraits for some of my photos. The problem we often run into is when there are multiple subjects to take a photo of, it’s really easy to accidentally hit the wrong one.

The final thing I want to talk about is “blending”. I use a blend of multiple shots to create interesting compositions. I’ll start with this one from a sunset: I want to make sure the sunset is the highlight of the shot. This makes it easy to add some color to the scene as well. I would also do this on a snowy day

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