Do free prints keep your photos? – Sell Photos To Magazines

Can we print up to 30 sheets?

Yes. With our Print Your Own (and Free!) services you can print up to 30 sheets of the paper. You simply print the paper, add your logo and print or cut a custom order letter. The paper can hold up to 400 sheets of the right size for the size of print.

How much can I save by doing custom orders?

Each custom order has a total cost that includes all the work you need to do on the paper. The cost includes a small printing charge and the extra shipping charges that you will pay. The total price for custom prints is less than $40!

Can I just get an actual physical sample of the paper?

Yes. We will provide an actual sample sheet of the paper to you immediately. You can take a look at the Sample Paper to see if we can make it for you or have any other ideas.

What if I like the paper but want to make my own?

Our Print your Own prices are negotiable. If you like the paper and want to make one for yourself or have any other ideas, we are happy to accommodate your request for a print with our special offer on Custom orders.

Can I make personal use or donation orders?

Yes. You can make up to 3 personal use or donation orders of the paper at any given time. If you want to donate a set, we can also make it happen. You can place a donation online, pay cash or check, pay digitally or send the invoice directly to us. If the donated items are made to order, we can send the set back as soon as you send us the invoice. We also accept PayPal and credit cards, all of which allow you to order items you need in advance.

Can you do any printing/scanning/printing outside of the USA?

No. Only paper with a color-coded ink print will be accepted. All of our production is done domestically in our Rochester, New York offices. Printing services are charged on a per piece basis.

Can I cut my own or have someone else produce my design?

You can use a sharp knife to cut up the paper for you. We have a number of templates printed on these knives that you can use to create designs that are similar to your own personal use or donation order (unless stated otherwise, the designs are the ones we will print). We make sure that designs are legible and printable.

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