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One question I am often asked is, “Why do I never have a puppy?” and the answer is simple. All of us in the dog family want to get that puppy to a healthy, safe and thriving adult for who knows how many generations and thousands of dog years. The answer to this is simple – we don’t want to be that puppy!

Dogs have a short life span. They live for a short time and then soon stop working hard for us. After that time they become old, and they get expensive – and that’s the end of their days. If you have to stop working on these dogs for your family, I want you to think carefully about the costs. Is there room for other family members to become active in their lives? If you are buying a second family member the expense of that dog may not be very cost efficient. In the dog world this is a common problem.

If you are looking for a family who won’t take a chance on these dogs, take a good look at this page where you can find out what it takes to become a vet in Canada.

What’s the cheapest breed of dog?

The cheapest dog here in Saskatoon has been found to be a Beagle or a Greyhound. All Greyhounds are not available for purchase at any time, they require a one dog order for them. Beagles are not available and they have a minimum age requirement on their paperwork and are only available for sale here in Saskatchewan.

Welcome to the first in a series of occasional posts in which I will introduce you to the characters and world of the Guild Wars 2 fantasy role-playing game. This particular post is titled, “What Happened To The White City?” I will describe what happened to the city of White Haven, the capital of Tyria’s capital city, Lion’s Arch.

“This city is as beautiful as any of Tyria’s, but as peaceful as any of its inhabitants. A beautiful little city.

But the peace is fragile. The White City is dying. The city is falling apart. We have to stop.” —The Emperor’s Champion

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The city of White Haven was one of Tyria’s first and most important cities before the Great Cataclysm. A massive battle ensued between the defenders of Lion’s Arch and invading forces led by Krasus the All-Father, as well as members of the Consortium led by the enigmatic Grand Envoy, Nix. While the Lion’s Arch citadel remained

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