What equipment do I need for dog walking business?

Well, I’ll try my best to help you. Here in the Netherlands everything is easy, we have free, open and convenient dog walking service. If you have a dog, we will give you assistance, for free, and you can take him anywhere you want with you.

Can you teach me how to walk a dog? Yes, it’s very simple. Our dogs are trained on a regular basis with the assistance of a trained teacher. They are taught to lie down on their hind legs, walk around and do things they do naturally. Our instructors are the experts. They walk a lot of dogs for a daily salary, so they already know how to teach dogs to be pet owners. Our trainers are dedicated and experienced dog walkers who have worked with a lot of dogs.

Where do I get the dog to come to my home? You can find a pet friendly dog walking service in the Netherlands in many locations in each and every town and city. We recommend going to different locations in your city to find the perfect service for you.

How do you take the dog to your home? Our home services have a different idea, so how do we take your dog to your home? Here at Dog Walking in The Netherlands, we always try to keep it simple. We are sure to teach and encourage you in a pleasant and calm way, to allow you to enjoy your dog.

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Can I pay for your services? Of course I can! All your time should be spent with your dog, taking him around and enjoying your time with him. I will show you how to pay for dogs in The Netherlands, just tell me what dog walking service in your city or city region you want to find.

Can I have a pet? The Netherlands is a country where almost everyone has a dog. We have a dog friendly service to walk them all around or wherever you want to take your dog.

Does your dog look injured? You know what they say, they are only dogs of their country. Therefore, if the guy coming to your house with a puppy would look like a big idiot, they will not take him seriously. If the dude with a bad attitude wouldn’t even care if your dog is dead, he would probably not take his puppies seriously either :).

How much do I pay? The price is $15-25 for a 30 minute walk, as long as it is within your choice of walk. We recommend you to get your dog trained when you get him. We’ll help