What app pays the most?

Now that you’ve figured out who to buy your tickets for, it’s time to pick that app that will pay the most money. We’ve gathered the Top 20 “pay to play” apps in the country and ranked them from best to worst, in terms of average monthly fee to average revenue.

The rankings were based on app revenues, average monthly spend, and price. The price was a function of the average time users spend on the app and the number of transactions it processed.


Avg. monthly fee: $0.35

Average revenue / month: $16.53 (25% of total)

This is the most popular and cheapest ticketing service by a mile. You can use it to purchase tickets for just $0.35 per transaction, plus shipping charges. So if you go down to the TCL China Grand Prix to see what the fuss is about, you can purchase that ticket without a problem. The good thing about this app is that it allows you to get to and from any event in China if you purchase from multiple hotels.

2. My Fandango
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Avg. monthly fee: $0.23

Average revenue / month: $15.96 (29% of total)

This one is pretty standard fare for fandoms to watch sports, movie and television shows, and this app helps make it happen by giving you access to all over the world to watch all sorts of movie and TV shows such as Batman: The Animated Series, Family Guy, and Breaking Bad. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and iPad.


Avg. monthly fee: $5.95

Average revenue / month: $12.81 (19% of total)

If you’re looking to save money then we’d recommend you to take a look at the cheapest ticket exchange system – This app allows you to pick your preferred date, time and date of the game (just like you would choose a ticket from the movie theater). This app helps you take full advantage of the many great ways to watch sports, with a range of games to watch, from basketball to the NFL and more. You can even buy tickets for international sports matches by scanning the QR code. The app also makes it easy to browse through your favorite sports movies online.

4. Fandango Ticket

Avg. monthly fee: $