How much should I charge to watch a dog overnight?

It is common to charge a dog a flat fee. Many of us go to the dog park to watch their favourite pet.

However, charging a flat fee when we can find a suitable location for our furry friends would be a good idea.

Weighing up the cost of watching out for our dog can be very expensive. We’ll also need to be sure our dog is fed and watered and can spend as much time in the sunlight as possible.

Remember, though, that a well-trained dog is the best guardian!

Why the wait at home?

The wait can be a bit embarrassing in the early days of a pup’s training. So before you go for a walk or playtime, make sure you’re in for the ride as calmly as possible and give your pup the very best start in life!

Keep in mind that we are dogs and so we need to behave like our furry friends are.

What are the most common problems with staying at home with us?

If you are at home or in a group when your dog needs to be cared for, a number of common problems can occur.

As a matter of fact, having your dog at home is often more difficult for you than it is for your dog’s owners!

In fact, some of these problems could also occur if you let your dog run wild and escape into the suburbs from city streets or parks.

Here’s the Top 10 Most Common Causes of Problems in the First 5 Minutes with Your Dog.

1. Bad behaviour

It’s not surprising.

Your dog may have a wild streak and take to their barking at inappropriate times, or may have a tendency to roam around on leash and out of control.
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If your dog has a tendency to wander and go off the leash, it’s essential they are brought into your presence quickly and safely.


In the above picture, the dog in the front right holds his puppy tightly while it’s being taken into the room.

Your dog is now ready to be walked without your interference from behind. Be sure to greet them enthusiastically with a warm, friendly welcome and a friendly ‘hello’ – and if the dog is new, it could be better to walk gently and softly for a few moments, trying to ‘stake the territory’ rather than trying to take it.

Also, when a dog appears anxious or nervous about being held tightly against a wall,