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Insurance for a dog walking business is different from other businesses for many reasons. First, the business has to comply with various city and state laws regulating dogs and their behavior. For example, the city of Portland’s ordinance for “livestock” or “livestock handlers” requires dog walkers to carry liability insurance. In addition, many states require that the dog handler (the owner of the dog) carry liability insurance in some way. A dog walking business that is involved in activities related to pet health, vaccination, and so on, must be licensed as a health care provider, and some states require that it be licensed as a health care provider in the same way that veterinarians must be licensed in some areas.

This website provides information about the different types of insurance for dog walking operations in the US. As always, make sure you consult your own veterinarian before making any decisions about your situation.

What types of coverage do I need?

The amount of insurance is based on the type of business that operates it; there is no single health coverage that covers all of the different activities that a business may undertake. The key to choosing the right coverage for your business is understanding your financial situation and trying to work your way around it. You could need the maximum amount of coverage in order to cover what is likely to go wrong and protect yourself from any losses you may incur. Many insurance companies will not provide you with coverage at any price, and other insurers may not allow you coverage. All of this is something to be aware of for your particular situation!

As with any insurance product, the type of coverage that you will need is dependent on your specific situation. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind:
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What is a business type? Most walkers are categorized by “business” or “enterprise”. This means that they handle a number of different businesses on a daily basis, and can potentially have different types of financial situations. Some may take no responsibility for their employees and/or their other employees. Others may manage companies that pay them a monthly salary. Others may have a business of their own that operates as a business and pays them a percentage of sales. Some may have several employees and still need to pay these employees an hourly rate for their services. Most walkers and/or those with businesses that specialize in the walking process will pay for policies on their employees. Employees covered will normally be employees of the business in which they work.

Who are the owners?

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