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Many people start a business to make a quick buck, but it’s important not to go into it solely with that intention. Many people are excited to start this business out of necessity, but the reality is, many are just looking to get into this business. This may include people who are not comfortable with the idea of being on a tight budget, or may be looking for a better way to earn money. Some businesses will ask you for a business license that you will not ultimately need. This may be a good option for someone who is looking to start making some extra money without risking arrest.

After the big story in this morning’s New York Times on the Trump Organization’s tax shelter used by the President and his family, it’s no surprise to hear that the Trump Organization hasn’t been terribly forthcoming with documents. According to the NYT’s David Leonhardt, “Trump is not willing to share financial information with people in the administration or with Congress, as required by law.” The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker also reports that “Trump doesn’t have a plan for his company, which is expected to generate up to $150 million a year and generate as much revenue as Disney is set to make next year alone.” It seems likely, though, that the Trump Organization’s tax shelter is a way for the Trump family to skirt the rules — and potentially have an outright conflict of interest in the presidency.

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Trump’s lawyers have defended the use of the tax shelter as an important part of his business strategy, arguing that it doesn’t harm the general public and that doing so protects Trump’s ability to make money off his various businesses. But in a piece at the Harvard Law Review, legal experts explain why even the most innocuous of tax shelters like Trump Inc.’s will inevitably end up in conflict over conflicts of interest. Even if Trump were to be honest about his business relationships, he would be hard pressed to make the case that it’s in his role as President to serve the public interest. But that’s the risk that comes with a “blind trust,” a self-perpetuating system in which someone doesn’t have to disclose to others who are involved in an endeavor. “A blind trust is just a shell with no real content,” says Steven Groves, who has written extensively about how a blind trust makes us weaker as a society. “It’s easy to see where an independent trustee would be able to avoid conflicts of interest.”

What’s a blind trust?

Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a blind trust

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