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First and foremost – always, always walk your dog regularly. Yes, there are many differences, but there’s no doubt that regular exercise plays an important role in the healthy functioning of your canine friend. Regular exercise is good exercise, and this is even more true with large dogs. When the time comes to find out how many miles your puppy should walk during the day, check his physical examination chart. The chart is based on a survey of owners of dog dogs over the past several decades, asking the same question: “After the puppy had started to exercise, what was the average number of times per day he walked in his previous 6 months?” The average responses included a walking length of approximately 15-17 miles per day.

To find out how many miles your puppy can walk at a given age, divide the number of years of exercise he has done by the number of days for which you gave your puppy the allowance. Let’s say that your puppy walked 8-10 miles on average (assuming 8 days per week), and that he is 2 years old. Divide 16/15 by 2 = 718 miles a year.

Of course, if you don’t know, you’re certainly not likely to find out. If you were to find this out and the number seemed unusually high, you might consider giving out an allowance of just the number of days for which your puppy walks a certain number of miles each day. An allowance of 15 days a year, for example – you would give your puppy a total allowance of approximately 5,080 miles per year. Remember, a puppy is only as healthy as his exercise schedule allows.

For larger and older dogs – or those whose owners were only able to give them the allowance they needed – some owners give out slightly longer walking allowances and use a different amount of allowance to determine how much to allow their pup to walk. This calculation requires some understanding of your dog’s age and how much walking does or doesn’t keep him in top physical condition to enable him to perform his assigned duties on the job. While it requires knowledge of what we know about the anatomy of your puppy, it is relatively straightforward – and is the least of the complications faced by owners who are faced with this problem in the heat of the season.

A note to parents who have young or immature dogs. It is normal for many puppies to walk a little less than that allowed in their age range. Most small dogs are able to walk a little more than 20 miles per day, so long as their walks

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