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In general, I prefer homemade dog food, but sometimes just going to the store as a snack can work wonders. If you know the difference between dry and canned dog food, this will be the recipe I recommend. It is a common misconception that dry dog food is “harder” than canned dog food so if you can’t find either (or don’t have access to them) try the recipes below and ask your dog’s veterinarian if it makes any difference. Just remember to substitute your pet’s food to make the recipe more appropriate for your dog:

Bitter & Sour, with salt and/or pepper: A combination of corn, potatoes, and vegetables is the typical dish. Use about half a can of water for each half of the meal and let the food soak for an hour (or a good amount of time).

Dog Fido: A mix of chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb is best. If you have access to canned pet food, simply substitute the meat for another dish.

Mixed Breed: The ingredients for mixed breeds are also more varied depending on the breeds but the main ingredients will be chicken, turkey, turkey legs, beef, beef or lamb.

Dairy-free and Vegetarian food is recommended for all dogs. I recommend you experiment as your diet changes.

Dried Cat Food

Why is dry food important?

A dry dog food can be more easily digested because as it gets further into the digestive system, food particles are broken down and are broken down faster. The longer it takes for food particles to break down, the less likely your dog will be able to have good bowel movements.

Dry foods tend to be more acidic than other foods so it is not recommended for a dog with an allergy. Dry food can also have some harsh odors that can lead to illness if your dog takes it in the shower.

Can I make my own canine dog food when we purchase commercial food instead?

Yes, but be sure to look for dried foods that have the same nutritional values.

Dried Dog Food Recipes

These are recipes you can find in most stores, or in some that are just starting to pop up.

Mixed Breed Dog Food Recipe 1 pound dry pet food (with or without meat or other added ingredients) 1 cup water 1 cup corn meal (can substitute cornstarch) 1/2 medium onion (chopped) 1 medium carrot 6 Tbsp paprika 1 T

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