Do police dogs get paid? – Pet Business Sell

Yes. Police dogs are regularly paid for their service and training. This can include a stipend, or sometimes the cost of food and veterinary care. The costs of an officer’s time or equipment can be reimbursed through taxes, as well as any overtime costs they incur. Officers usually sign a contract with the municipal or county health department which includes payment for overtime.

Do police dogs have the right to free medical help?

Yes. A police dog has the right to receive free medical care. This includes dental, eye, and other diagnostic care. It doesn’t include basic vaccinations.

When can a police dog be surrendered?

A police dog can be surrendered for medical treatment at any time.

Who can get a dog?

Any adult and/or child who meets the following criteria for a law enforcement officer or law enforcement dog:

is at least 22 years of age;

has completed at least 18 months of military service with a valid state or national identification card; or

represents the public interest, including public safety and peace;

has no criminal record and no record of cruelty against animals;

does not require the dog’s handler for fear of losing him or her the job.

For more information on what a law enforcement officer is, please read NFAW’s Law Enforcement Officer’s Guidebook.

Additional sources of law enforcement dog information:


NFAW website

National Police Dogs Club

National Police Dog Association

National Police Athletic League

National Police Foundation

National Police Foundation, Inc.

Additional resources:

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