Can dogs eat canned tuna? – Pet Business Eugene

Yes! The American Veterinary Medical Association recognizes that dogs can eat canned tuna, however this does not extend to dog owners, since they are not aware of this fact.

Can dogs drink human urine and eat it, can dogs eat human baby formula?

Yes! If a dog drinks human urine it is OK for it to pass through an opening in the dog to eat it. This is why puppies should not be given any formula containing their own urine.

Can dogs eat dog feces?

Of course they can! The only difference between dogs and cats is how much of their own bodily secretions they will ingest.

Can dogs swallow human feces?

Yes, dogs should be allowed to eat the feces of humans. Unfortunately, most people do not understand when eating human feces means ingesting poop. In fact, many people think if someone eats a dog’s poop, it’s OK because the feces are dog-safe. In fact, there have been several cases where dogs were discovered to have eaten human feces from inside their fenced-in backyard. Therefore, people must be careful that they do not take their dogs to a dog park or a dog shelter where there are piles of dog poop on the ground.

Can dogs drink human urine?

Yes. Dogs can drink human urine! That is why dogs should not be kept as pets outside or outdoors when people are around, as this can result in a number of health problems.

Can dogs eat cat litter?

Yes, however, many people are unaware that dogs can drink cat litter. Cats do not give out many human-contaminated items either.

Do dogs drink kitty litter?

Yes! Many people keep cats or kittens with a strong detergent. This is the main reason why cats usually do not contaminate their owners’ household with urine and excrement, or feces from dogs, cats, and other animals.

Can dogs eat baby food?

Yes! Some people use baby food to feed their dogs, although all baby food is not safe!

Can dogs eat baby formula?

Yes! However, since many of their food is not safe for human consumption, owners should not give their dogs any formula containing their own urine, either infant formula or formula, because if it is ingested it can have serious health consequences.

What happens if a dog gets swallowed by an ocean?

The ocean is full of organisms which cause an inflammation similar to hepatitis

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