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This is a difficult question that is generally easy to answer with a simple formula, and it’s almost always a bad one. The answer is that there are several factors that the coaches in question fail to take into account. In my opinion, these factors are as follows:
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The coach is a coach, not a manager

It is the responsibility of the coach to develop the team into a team where the players have a good sense of direction and direction can become habit. This doesn’t mean that the coaching should be done poorly, but it does mean that we as a coach have the responsibility to not only train hard, develop the players to the best of their ability, but in a way that they can develop into the next great team, team captains and so on. This requires a whole team.

The team, and the coaches

The one thing that a lot of coaches lack – is this – is a team mindset. It’s a simple fact that everyone’s personal opinion is different and as a new coach you need to find one that matches your own. You need to find a coach you can trust. Some coaches will be tough on players and some will be tough on the team, but each has their own approach. It’s something that you don’t want to change until the end.

On the one hand, we are seeing a large number of people (especially young people) who find themselves increasingly frustrated and isolated, especially in the social media age. We also see these people joining political protests, but our numbers seem to be higher than the actual protesters.

So what’s the real figure, is protesting is really that unpopular? Should we think of protests as an easy form of protest, so that people take the easy route in life, or do we need to think about what goes into creating, organizing, sustaining and sustaining protests, and what are their limits?

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