What questions does a life coach ask? – The Truth About Life Coaching

There are many questions a life coach asks and I find it helpful to answer some of the most common ones. The important thing is to stay consistent with your game plan at first and make small progress each week.

I like to ask:

What is my ultimate goal?

What is the best way to achieve that goal?

What can I do right now in addition to helping my own self-improvement?

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What are my biggest weaknesses?

How do I avoid those weaknesses in future sessions?

What is the worst part (other than physical pain and/or physical exhaustion) of my previous sessions?

What do I want my best game to be?

What do I want my worst game to be?

What do I look for in a long-term coach?

Is it helpful to have an older friend or family member who will listen to my challenges as well as help me figure out how to improve?

What will a positive attitude get me doing?

What will a positive attitude stop me from doing?

What is my own personality like?

Are I trying to get along?

Is my current mental state healthy?

Does the coach know or have I asked?

The good news is that the life coach should be able to address all of these types of questions and more. They are just asking to see if you want to become a better player.

Do ask all of these if you have one, but you are working on the game and it’s important to be specific. Most coaches do not give good advice about everything. The one thing they should not do is go off of your past games or practice logs to make you sound good. This only leads to you failing to stay committed.

I ask all of these questions and more for my clients and when I do I feel good. When I do not ask such questions I know that I have succeeded and it can sometimes feel a bit selfish. It’s a game, the coach is supposed to be helping you become a better player, but to give specific advice about every aspect of what I do you will not get anything like me.

I don’t know if your coaches answer them correctly or not. If you want to hear their responses just ask, otherwise just keep me in mind while you work on whatever you are working on.

What is your mindset for coaching?

This is something that some coaches are very

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