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Do you feel good when you have a good life coach?

I see many people who have not received anything positive feedback on their life training. What makes a good life coach for me is he gets me to learn more about my fitness and then then he shows me. How I can train my training, what do I need to do? And he also does all the coaching for the team. When I start training we start at 7am, 1pm and 4pm. At 4pm the game starts! We do training in the morning and then we train after that. And we also do training in the evenings until 7pm. Then we do a couple of training sessions the following night and start again before the game at half-time. So that is what I really prefer. I see a lot of coaches who are not so positive about training and then they just give up. Sometimes I am not sure if they actually mean it!

Do you feel like you’re being ignored sometimes?

Yes and I don’t think that I am being ignored. Everyone knows I train hard but I don’t get any special treatment. Sometimes I will have a few of the players watching but they also train hard! I would like to be appreciated, not given special treatment.

So the coaches should try different ways of doing things?

I think it is not very effective to only focus on one aspect of training. So, for example I cannot use the “stretch” method. I have done that too but I also think that you need to take the other methods into account. Some coaches will teach you certain things when you are new, but as a player, I don’t give that many pointers. I just teach them how they do everything, then I do the opposite. After two years of training I have still not had any injuries.

What have we seen already from the players to get so far?

For instance, there are always young guys coming through and we just have to get them playing. I always liked to watch my younger kids playing in the academy so that is why I am really happy. There is no problem with players who are here but there are not many players in the team, even though there are a few in the reserves. But that is a good thing because we just need to get them playing!

What are your thoughts on the Champions League?

I don’t know what you think! Personally I think that it shouldn’t mean that everything is perfect. We know

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