What is the hourly rate for a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Model

(Note: Most life coaches hire hourly; some do not.)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly rate for life coaches in the private sector varies greatly.

The hourly rates range anywhere from $25 to over $30 an hour. Some life coaches take a commission or provide advice for a flat fee, while others charge a commission, commission plus commission, commission plus commission.

In some cases life coaches are not even employed by their agency. They are in some cases self-employed (usually freelance). Many life coaches use “hourly and commission” as a shorthand for a range of different rates.

Many different agencies offer life coaches a variety of services and rates. It’s important to note that a lot of people that work with “day life coaches” are doing so in order to help their clients.

Do I qualify as a “life coach”?

As for the definition of a “life coach,” life coaches are typically professionals who are paid to work alongside their clients for various hours during the day and evenings.

One definition of a “life coach” is someone who: trains clients to increase their productivity; gives clients tools to work in a more productive way; and helps clients live a successful life.

This means that some life coaches may work as a day-to-day assistant rather than as an assistant themselves.

Does an agency work with life coaches?

If you are working with a life coach agency, you’d better be prepared to pay to hire an actual life coach.

Many life coaches do work as an agency consultant, sometimes even as an hourly consultant; however, others are freelance.

What type of agency should I go with?

There are several types of life coach agencies, but for our purposes we’re referring to the three big players here in Houston, TX., with their two local offices, and the agency that we represent on our Houston, TX. contract life coach website here on Expensify:

If you’re considering becoming a life coach, it’s best to avoid any agency that does not pay at least $300 per hour and that doesn’t provide the full range of life coaching services. That could be too expensive with only a few clients.

For more information about Houston life coaching agencies, visit:

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