What are the benefits of having a life coach? – Life Coach Business Cards With Photo

As an entrepreneur, a life coach can be an amazing asset to your business. Having someone to help you get the edge and learn things that you can’t learn doing what you do best, which is building a startup. There’s no better way to put a business in the right direction than having a life coach. Having advice, information, and perspective around how to grow a company is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to work toward creating a company you’re proud of. Having a life coach can be especially exciting in the early stages of your startup, where you may not have the support or time to do it yourself. Having someone who can teach you from the ground up and provide you with a wealth of information is very valuable.

How do you choose your coaches?

I’m extremely open to what life coaching opportunities are right now. There’s definitely a lot of options out there. In general, I have my wife, Jessica, who I work with, and my mentor, Ryan. Ryan is a life coach, which is a really great skill to have when starting a business. He also has a great amount of insight into the business and the product that he’s creating. He’s helped me make the decision to go where I am on my startup by giving me guidance as to what a life coach should be, and I use him as a sounding board when I need something.

My wife can also be a life coach too, depending on where her expertise is. For my startup, she helps me with business development and strategic planning. I don’t feel like I need to work with her on business development because my goal isn’t to get a job in a sales role. My goal is to launch a product, and I need someone who can help me with the product creation process.

The first time I had the opportunity to be coached by Ryan and Jessica on this project was after I got a referral from them. They contacted them to see if we wanted to work together on this project. They helped me build a case and then invited me in for an in-person coaching session. They did a very thorough job coaching me through everything I needed to do the right way. This was my first entrepreneurial experience, though I’ve worked in and for business, and that was certainly good to me. I’m not looking to be in business for a large, traditional organization, I just want to build things myself. I definitely see myself being used as a coach in the coming years as well.


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