What are the 3 types of coaching styles? – Life Coach Aptitude Test

Teaching style : you coach with your players, not the coach

: you coach with your players, not the coach System : you are your players

You may have seen the following images around the internet where we have some coaches coaching different positions. All of these coaches are not the best of the best. But they are all coaches who have worked some of the strongest coaches in the world.

What does our method say?

Basically, we do it like this (please do not copy it off here, because some of our coaching is not good)

1) Every single day, we work with our players. We do not start from scratch. For the first week, we try to build our own players’ understanding by teaching them about the system, with a small practice period.

We do not give an advantage to the players who are not from the team, and also we do not make any sacrifices. Just give them work, a small volume, and do your best to help them develop

Some players feel that the system gives a better advantage to the team, which is true. The system is a powerful tool and players of all ages and skill sets can use it effectively.

2) Every day, we focus on one specific technique, one individual and one specific problem and that is it. But we do not let go at any moment. The idea is to understand as much as possible with all three parts of the system, before starting the next session. During the practice phase, we try to improve everything that is possible from the beginning and every time that one technique is tried, we are more and more sure that this is not a bad idea.

3) Once again, every single day, we focus on a single technique. Every day, the entire team works on a single problem. On Tuesday, we study and develop a solution for the problem in the same session. For Wednesday, we try out another solution. For Thursday, we develop some problems. On Friday, we improve our solutions to problems that we have solved that session. On Sunday, we work on a new problem. Each time we learn new techniques, we work on a new part of the system. For example, we can focus on our technical players, and build an understanding of their fundamentals.

On Monday, we study, develop our solutions, develop an understanding of the problem, and on Tuesday, we try to work on the solution. The most important point is that each player has

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