Is Tony Robbins a life coach?

I know he has done all kinds of stuff for people, but do those clients get advice like that from me or some kind of ‘expert’ like a personal trainer? No, because I’ve never coached anyone. I’ve never even met Tony Robbins.

I’ve never even met him! My business is the business which provides the products I use. I also provide personal coaching services to people. I know Tony Robbins by name.

I’ve just spoken to a few people since I’ve been outed as Tony Robbins’ personal trainer because I know that they’ve not gotten the advice from me.

And I know for sure I’ve not got any of it from Tony Robbins. How can I do that?

You can’t do that. You can’t do that by pretending to be that kind of a ‘life coach’ person but pretending that you don’t know who that guy is, or that you ‘don’t know if he’s a great trainer’, or if you didn’t know if he was good at his trade before, or if you ‘didn’t know’ him in the first place. That’s not a life coach.

You can’t do that by being fake. You can’t fake that.

You just can’t do that –

because fake is not real.

I have talked to people online about this and some of them say “I’ve done what I can with my job”, and that would be fine, but we all know it isn’t going to work, that this will not work.

So if you’re going to make the comment “I have done what I can,” and then lie about what you’ve done, that’s no different than claiming you know someone that is really an awful guy. And claiming that you know someone who is really really evil. And claiming that you know something about somebody that you don’t.

No. You cannot even try to fool someone with that. At best you will mislead them for a short while while you try and lie about what you’ve done, and then when you know they’ve been misled, you’ll be right back to deceiving them back.

It can be interesting and amusing, because at times people like to take it very seriously. They make an effort to come up with this ‘Tony Robbins has some kind of advice for me’ story line.

If you do not make the effort to do the same thing when it comes to your work, when the opportunity comes