Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Coaching Waiver

His answer is yes. He’s also a professor of physical education and athletic performance at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). And although we don’t often see the former motivational speaker from the “Self-Help” series on TV, he was kind enough to show off his latest creation, the “Iron Man Program.”

Check out this interview, which is in its fourth year, by clicking here. But before we get to the video, here’s some context about Robbins and his life coaching efforts.

Why do you think people like Tony Robbins?

There’s just an appreciation from me personally of these kinds of people. There’s a huge need for it in our society. For me, personally, it has nothing to do with the book that I’m telling anybody, which is not going to change anybody’s life. The real motivation I have is that I have some very high level skills and abilities to offer people who might not have the knowledge or resources to meet the demands of the day. I think people are drawn to people that can help them meet that demand, and that they don’t necessarily have any particular talent in a particular area that will translate into their potential. I guess my philosophy is to make sure they’re not taking their talents for granted.

Why are your clients interested in pursuing Tony Robbins’s program?

It depends on the nature of the client. There’s going to be certain skills that you can train that are actually not going to help them.

The key with most people [in the program] is building a personal relationship with the guru, and really understanding what he’s going through. That’s more about personal connection than it is specific skills.

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There are some clients who are going to find that Tony has been working for them to the point where he’s essentially made the change that they’re looking for, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a permanent change. On the other side, there are clients that actually have a certain level of skills that really are going to enable them to pursue their goals of becoming the best.

Does a lot of the clients in your program have certain skills that are really not going to apply to their current situation?

No, I wouldn’t suggest that necessarily. I don’t think that a lot of clients have the ability to get out and pursue a career that would be very high performing in a certain field. I know quite a few clients of mine who have been working in various professions since their early 20s

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