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Most of them never take a second class in psychology. It’s a whole degree in self-help, right? The only difference, I guess, is that the classes actually deliver results. And if the classes are delivered, they actually work.

So what does it take to get certified?

1. Be at some sort of a disadvantage.

There’s a reason we pay for life coaching. If you have a life coach, you’ll have trouble selling yourself. It’s important to be able to talk about your accomplishments. You don’t want a client thinking “Well, I’m so lucky. The world’s great. I couldn’t afford this” or “Oh, he’s so nice. I hope he’s never divorced.”

If you can’t sell yourself in life coaching, you won’t want to teach anyone. In a perfect world, you’re a consultant. But clients are just people, and it’s hard to convince them to pay for a life coach.

2. Be in over your head, but do it anyway.

If you want to become a life coach, you need to hustle, to find opportunities (like these two), and to use them where there is a benefit. I’m the least likely to be around when people need my help — I’m often busy running out of things to do. You better hustle harder than you think. But most people don’t live in fear of failure, just like most people don’t worry about their financial situation.

Get to the level where you’re capable of teaching people the things that they really need to know. And take on a bit of a career as a life coach, even if you’re only going to do one session a month. One small example: I taught a few people how to start a business a few months after starting a business with me. It felt really great to help people learn how to start their own company. And that’s a big step.

Once you get in over your head, it’s not that much harder to pick yourself up again.
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3. Learn the psychology of fear.

I was working in a bank when I started my first career. I was the only guy. And the guys around me were just terrified of my job. “Don’t mess up your face,” they all said, “it will mean the world to you.” Which is just crazy.

Fear and anxiety are the same. But fear has a tendency to kill creativity.

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