How long does it take to be a certified life coach? – Good Life Coach Business Names

It depends. In some cases, there can be as little as three to five weeks to a month.

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Are you a candidate?
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As a candidate, here are the key requirements if you wish to enter into a life coaching course and earn the certification.

To qualify for the course, you must be age 16+

You must be able to pass a national qualification exam

You must have a total net worth of at least £20,000, as well as a professional qualifications

You must be registered with the National Centre for Life Career Development, and have a national qualification (see here)

You must be registered with one of the best life coach recruiters in the industry. Find out who we recommend to contact.

What can I expect from a life coach course?

At the beginning of your study, you will gain valuable life coaching knowledge and experience. You will learn a wealth of life coaching techniques of your choice such as:

Personal growth

Financial decision making

Communicating with clients, partners and co-workers

How to achieve professional self-motivation and self-confidence

The life coaching industry is filled with success stories and professional coaching experience which can make life coaching a fantastic career option.

There are different levels of certification, and you are able to increase your certifications each time you complete your training.

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, you can view a list of the current life coaches’ certifications and learn more about how you could qualify for life coaching at

How do I receive my life coaching course?

You need to register with the National Centre for Life Career Development. We are located at so you do not need to complete all your training on your own, as you may be able to visit us at the start of your course.

Our life coaching courses are available to anyone in the UK and Ireland. To find out when your course starts, please email [email protected] .

Note: If your course is running later than the first day (i.e. the day you first register with us), you will only be qualified to begin your course on Monday 6th August 2014. Therefore, you will need to register as soon as possible after

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