How do you become a certified life coach online? – Coaching Business Marketing Plan

Courses are presented at

There are two main routes:

1. Course providers can offer you free of charge a course on their website;

2. Your course provider can send a self-assessment questionnaire through their email;

There are no limitations on the number of hours you need to take such courses.

Can I use my experience as a consultant to get a job as a coach?

Some of the companies offering training, but for a different purpose and with different price.

You can only use one of these pathways at all time.

What should I know about the “Certified Life Coaches” (CLCs)?

You are an employee or a client of a business which is an “authorized” coach or trainer for your business, and the business is offering training, workshops or courses. You must pass a qualification exam so that you can become a professional life coach. Many of the CLCs are listed below:

To become certified you (the client) must pay a fee of at least $1,000 to one of these organizations who are authorized to provide your services.

Some of the organizations that operate as CLCs are:

The Academy of Living

The Center for Integrative Health

The Academy of Well-being

Allure Group


Applied Therapeutics

The Center for Health Transformation

Qualifications & Certificates | Be everything you can be
Alliance Training

Amenity Health

Association of American Nurses

Association of Personal Growth Coaches

Association of Personal Growth Coaches International

Association of Spirituality, Community and Health Coaches

Association of Spirituality, Community and Health Coaches International

The American College of Life Coaches

American Career Success




Avery Training


Bay Area Health & Fitness

Body Positive Coaches Association


Can I do courses at my own pace?

You can do anything you want with your time.

You will have to go through some kind of program to make this work.

And you can do anything if you do it right, which means having a vision, a plan and a plan with actions.

What should I know about the benefits of a Certified Life Coach?

You are a certified

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