Why does my ukulele sound twangy? – Ukulele Swing

It’s not the string, it’s the sound of the strings and their action together. If you strum with your thumb and middle finger and rub between your index and middle finger, it will feel twanging.

You could, of course, use any two fingers! Just play the fingering patterns in time with the rhythm of the note you’re strumming. If you play them with your index finger, it’ll feel as if you’re strumming with a second string. If we use three fingers, the tone will be like a double note and the action will be like a note with a single finger on it. If we play it with four fingers, we’ll get a triplet tone, but it’ll sound different on the bottom and top of we strum.

And the hardest thing to get is to get what you want. In a standard uke you have three different sounds that make a uke sound more solid and more “in tune.” You could play all three sounds with one string, but there is a great deal of variation in each “sound” and even each note on the note you’re strumming! You can use a guitar pickup for the first string, and use a pedal with the second, third, and second notes. Then you could combine the pickups to get one double-bass-like sound.

This can make or break a uke. You have to do some creative thinking about how you want to strum on which note! But that’s the secret. That’s why you love it!

CAMPAIGNERS are warning that Brexit means more food deserts – and they fear for workers’ rights.

With only seven per cent of the UK population in employment, food banks have seen an increase in demand over the past few years.

At the height of the crisis in 2015, Britain had more food banks per person than any other major European nation, with 2.4million people using food banks in the UK.

This time last year, the figure was just 1.1million.

With most UK citizens now living and working in the EU, many of those affected still look to their country of origin for supplies.

The Conservatives have promised to protect public services such as the NHS and education by stopping foreigners working for UK firms or receiving benefits.

Labour’s manifesto says: “We’ll give all EU nationals living in the UK the guaranteed right to earn the same living wage as everyone else.

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