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Well, it’s just what happens when a good looking, thin, hardwood feels that much nicer. The feel is similar to that of a $9.99 maple guitar. You can see an example on the right.

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If I had to say the same thing for the guitar picks, it would be a big fat, white “MADE IN THE USA” sticker. I’m going to say this again, the picks are made in the USA.

I really love this type of wood! The feel is pretty soft, yet, has loads of body. The “glued” texture provides a solid feeling. The pick colors are a little dull at first, but I swear by them after a few plays.

I think these little dudes will serve pretty well in the instrument cabinet, and the extra large, smooth, flat sides will make the whole look a bit more appealing on the stand. For now, I’m going to carry the Picks With Feelings for myself. While they’re easy enough to keep in place, I can imagine a day when I’ll have to take them out of the box and put them back in. A little dust will do that.

(The only downside to picking on a regular basis is that the skin pulls out from under your fingers. So, don’t expect to pick a stick that is not covered in skin.)

The two pictures to the left are a good example of the feel of the pick on the pick and on the pick body, with the pick body touching your finger. If you click on the pictures, they will open up in a new window and have a better picture of the feel. The body shown above is the model I’m using.

A few notes about the pick’s feel. With this style of pick I had to turn more than one pick around after each use. The pick head was a bit rough initially. This is something you may have a choice to fix with a couple thinning pliers, and a small bit of sandpaper. This is not something you will want to do at the beginning of your pick use.

I would add one caution to keep in mind when looking at the pictures above – these picks are not just any old crappy pick. The finish is what makes a big difference. This is probably the best looking pick I have ever seen.

Another great detail about the pickup is the metal “head” on the back. This pickup is a big difference maker. The top and bottom have more metal

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