Which instruments are hardest to learn?

Are there any instruments that get you interested immediately?

Can’t you go back and revisit the instrument’s sound? (Like an older keyboard player can pick up a new guitar).

Are you a beginner?

Are your learning needs still in good shape?

You’ll still be a great guitar player! What I’m interested in is what you have in mind and how you can build or improve upon it.

2. Don’t Be Too Afraid of Failure

If you don’t have the skills to play an instrument, don’t fear it either.

There are great players, like myself and my wife, who can’t play an instrument because their playing skills are not where they should be. They are trying to master a new skill. They may be learning a new instrument they would never have considered.

If you are doing everything you can to push yourself, don’t be afraid to stop and think:

Why are you doing this?

Is it something you love to do?

Do you still want to do it?

If no, then don’t go on and get involved.

3. Know Who You Are

This part may seem obvious but can very important.

Who is your audience? Are you doing this for fun, or do you want to have some serious results?

If so, your music is probably too technical for the average listeners’ taste.

If your audience loves to listen to your music, it should not be too difficult to get people to listen to it. If however, you are selling to a large portion of listeners (even many of them), then it will not be.

Some of your audience may not understand the lyrics to your songs. If they don’t, try listening, once again, in the middle of the song. Do they know it by heart?

If your audience knows your music, but can’t understand your lyrics, try singing the words. They will probably respond immediately because it’s easy for them to remember what you were talking about. Try trying, listening and singing the words backwards, and eventually they will catch on and start listening to the song in the right way.

As you can see, this is a very wide range of people who would listen to your music. When you’re teaching people to play, you must realize that you are making them listen to songs that they don’t always know, because you have provided a way to hear